July 19, 2017 Puissance Capital proposed $34 million rights offering to Ekso Bionics. See press release here.
June 24, 2017 Ted Wang was invited to join 2017 Global Private Equity Fund West Lake Summit. See information about the summit here.
January 18, 2017 Puissance Capital leads $26.1 million financing in ViewRay, Inc. See press release here.
September 20, 2016 Ted Wang was invited by Asia Society to join a special dinner for Premier Li Keqiang of the People’s Republic of China at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, NY.
September 8, 2016 Ted Wang spoke at the “China: Reverting to the Mean” event hosted by Connecticut Hedge Fund Association in Greenwich, CT.
August 18, 2016 Ted Wang was invited as a guest by Puissance Capital partner in China, China Reform Fund, to attend its launch of $30b China Venture Capital Fund. Click here for Reuter’s report.
February 25, 2016 Puissance Capital becomes a Leadership Sponsor of SEO – Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (click through here to the ad).
February 8, 2016 Ted Wang, Presenter, Goldman Sachs Emerging Manager Conference, Orlando, FL
February 4, 2016 Ted Wang, Panelist, SupChina Launch Event, hosted by the China Institute, New York, NY
January 28, 2016 In “What is Happening in China, Part II” conference call, Ted shared his thoughts regarding the current economic conditions in China, the RMB, impact of China on the global markets and investment opportunities going forward. Click here for a digital replay.
January 21, 2016 Ted Wang, Presenter, JP Morgan Hedge Fund Form: Rising Stars, New York, NY
November 19, 2015 Ted Wang breakfast discussion on “China’s Great Transformation: What is Happening and What it Means for the Stock Market and For You”, hosted by Hong Kong Association of New York in New York, NY.
November 11, 2015 Ted Wang, Panelist Speaker at Goldman Sachs China Conference 2015, Shanghai, China
November 3, 2015 Ted Wang, Panelist Speaker at the GCM Grosvenor Small & Emerging Managers Conference, Chicago, IL.
September 22, 2015 Ted Wang/Jim Chanos Speaking Event, hosted by the China Institute in NY “China’s Financial Markets: On Track or Off the Rails”.
September 9, 2015 NPR Podcast “China, China, China” featuring Ted Wang. Click here to listen.
July 15, 2015 In “What is Happening in China” conference call, Ted shared his thoughts regarding the causes of the recent sell-off, summary of the Chinese government actions, local sentiment, implications for capital market reform, economic impact beyond China, and investment opportunities going forward. Click here for digital replay.
May 16, 2015 Ted Wang delivering a key note speech regarding “The Rise of China’s Hedge Funds under Globalization” at the West Lake 2015 Hedge Fund Summit, Hangzhou, China.
May 11, 2015 Puissance Capital entered into a partnership with AAAIM, Association of Asian American Investment Managers, as a Corporate Trustee. AAAIM is an alliance of prominent successful Asian American leaders.
March 12, 2015 Puissance Capital receives SEC registration.
January 26, 2015 Puissance Capital New York office opened.
January 17, 2015 Puissance Capital legal entity formed.